chris dolphin, freelance visual effects,

motion/still graphics artist:

time lapse special effect digital HD 1080p 48bit photography

graphics animation, digital compositing, graphic design

powerpoint design and consultancy service and

multimedia interactive presentations development

broadcast digital post, titles, motion graphics

film VFX artist - HD and 35mm cineon 2k log files

recent credits include:


oxford scientific films
brothers grimm model unit, dop nigel stone bsc
rome hbo bbc, the senate visual effects
the cbi, sharp uk, sony uk, nasuwt union

after effects pro, photoshop, illustrator, inscriber, flash, 3dsmax

for a DVD showreel (pal) contact:


chris dolphin

light and image machine

12 chater drive


sutton coldfield

west midlands

b76 2bj



+44 (0)776 852 0634





an innovative, cost effective approach to sumptuous, ultra high quality timelapse special effects photography - full digital path from shooting to post production, including any number of visual effects and digital enhancements, speed ramps, image composites and keying, pans tilts and zooms - finished footage mastered as 16bit/channel linear colour space 1920x1080 24/25p quicktimes direct from 3.5k 12bit camera raw data, virtually grain free allowing maximum flexibility for subsequent grading or further vfx - simple, light, fast, cheap one man set up on site using customised digital slr and intervalometer enabling quick preview - 100iso, dense nd filters and long exposures used for ultra streaky movement and wispy ethereal effects in any lighting condition - added visual impact using pans, tilts and zooms all in digital post, no motion control used - very cost effective, one man operation from shoot to post with no film stock or telecine costs leaving every opportunity for creative experimentation!

motion/still graphics:

animate layers of logos, captured video, graphics or images with multi layered effects for corporate audio-visual presentations, low res cd-rom and web work, broadcast idents and stings, corporate video, motion picture 35mm 2k film cineon and HD shots

advanced use of powerpoint's animation module for powerful large screen presentations and ultra anamorphic blend pro widescreen, multimedia powerpoint interactive modules designed for kiosk, point of sale, laptop multimedia etc

broadcast character caption generation for realtime playback with simultaneous down or upstream keying for live on-air, fast caption post production, or stunning live corporate audio visual presentations with realtime graphics layered over live video using inscriber cg extreme

design and previsualisation of high impact large scale architectural and corporate identity sign and graphics projects


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